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Audio is intermittent, or audio is echoing

Modified on Thu, 02 Nov 2017 at 11:29 AM

Intermittent audio is most often due to a slow or inconsistent internet connection. Unlike other internet-based multimedia sites that play videos or steam data using buffering, Webinato's real-time streaming technology relies on a constant stable connection, and sometimes breaks or interruptions to that connection are more apparent than when watching a video on YouTube.

If your audio is intermittent:

  • Please check your internet connection: If you have an unstable connection, either though wireless or even wired connections, the experience may be degraded. Please make sure that your connection is stable, above all else, as a more stable connection will ensure proper data transmission and a smoother playback experience. You can use the following tools to diagnose problems with your connection:

    *When using these sites, take note that these test the connection to a close, local server, and are not necessarily an indication of the connection between you and the Webinato servers. If you want to confirm the quality of your connection to Webinato servers directly, a Customer Support Agent can help you via Live Chat.
  • Move to a wired connection, if possible: Our platform runs on all types of network connections, wireless included. However, if you are having issues with viewing a webinar with clear audio or video, a wired connection may provide a more stable connection, as they are less susceptible to interference.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP): Sometimes, even the best network providers have problems with their service, so please contact them if you are having unusual problems viewing internet content, including Webinato AutoPilot Recordings.
  • Check if you are in a restricted network environment: Some ISPs or corporate networks restrict or even block certain internet traffic, including traffic from Webinato which could impact your viewing experience. If you have intermittent audio, please check with your network administrator or your ISP to see if you can prioritize Webinato traffic, which should improve your audio stream. You can provide them with this article so they can open the proper domains and network port to allow for unfiltered traffic:
    Firewall and Proxy configuration for Network and Systems Administrators

If your audio is echoing, or is distorted:

  • Try reloading the room: Many times, if your internet connection is unstable, you could hear the audio twice, quite like an "echo" sound. This is often times resolved by simply reloading the room in your browser. You can do this by clicking the Red X at the top right, followed by the Orange Reload button:
  • Try restarting your web browser*: Sometimes, you may need to exit the room entirely and restart your web browser in order to regain proper audio.
    [*] - Before doing this, it is important to make sure you will still be able to access the webinar after leaving, so please contact the webinar organizer via chat inside of the room for any additional instructions.

  • Are you logged in twice?: Sometimes, you may have two instances of the webinar open in two separate windows. If you do, please either close out of one of the webinar windows, or mute the sound in one of them by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom left of the webinar window.

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