omNovia Technologies has just released the NEW Webinato Application for Desktop!

The Webinato Application is a new way to access your webinars and settings without having to worry about current and future Flash Player restrictions with standard web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Installation Instructions for Windows

Installation Instructions for macOS

Webinato Application FAQ

Known Issues

Why would I use the Webinato Application rather than the browser-based Flash solution?

The end of Flash Player support is coming on December 31, 2020. For the next few months, this application will live alongside the Flash Player option inside of normal browsers, but by the end of 2020 the Webinato Application will be the sole means of accessing Webinato content. We aim to make that transition as seamless and easy for you and your audience as possible during this period.

The Webinato Application will behave virtually identical to the current browser version with a few key features, listed below:

Webinato Application Key Features

  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems
    • Compatible with Windows 8.1, 10 and macOS X versions 10.12 and up (including Catalina)
  • Standalone browser application that allows access to Webinato pages and webinar rooms
    • Keep in mind this will ONLY work with Webinato pages (Admin Pages, webinar rooms, event links, etc...). Normal web pages WILL NOT LOAD in this application.
  • Seamless webinar access options given at the time of login, allowing for flexibility until Flash support is removed in December 2020.
  • Simple installation and a simple, intuitive interface free of clutter
  • Flash Player is built-in, with no plugins or browser warnings to worry about
  • The application is developed, tested and updated directly by Webinato
  • The Webinato Application is verified with major antivirus and internet security vendors (Norton, McAfee, etc...), so you know it is safe and secure
  • Built-in history on the Welcome Page for Admins and Organizers (up to 6 previous page entries)
  • Ability to clear individual history items, as needed
  • Ability to stay signed into your Admin Pages, for easy access after logging in once


Attendee Access Guide

Admin Installation and User Guide