Setting up and entering the Webinato room.

  1. Make sure to have the latest version of Flash.
  2. Go to the Attendees' login page by clicking on the link provided by the conference operators. If you connect to the Internet through a very restrictive firewall that only allows web access, some of your firewall settings may need to be modified to allow video and audio to pass through. Contact the Webinato technical support team for more information on which ports need to be opened for access to our conference rooms.
  3. Guest Attendees may be required to enter their first and last name as well as their email address. Some companies may also require guest attendees to enter a room password in order to gain access to the room, or the event password, depending on the situation. If this case is true, there will be a password box on the login page as well. Registered Users will still use their own email and password assigned to them.

Note:  In order for the room to be active, a room Admin must be present. The room will activate once the Presenter or Admin enters the room and begins the session. There is no need to log out and log back in. 

Inside The Webinato room

Voting in Instant Poll
Admins and Presenters will often post a poll inside the conference to get attendee feedback on different subjects. When a poll is started an Instant Poll window will appear in front of your screen. To answer a poll question, simply press the number next to the answer you wish to give. If the instant poll does not automatically disappear, click the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner of the instant poll to close it. Or, simply press the Close button in the lower right-hand corner of the instant poll window.

Private Messaging
To send a private message simply click on the image next to a participant's name and select Private Message from the drop-down menu. If this option is not shown then the room presenter has disabled private messaging.

Settings and Preferences
You can find the settings and preferences button located in the upper right-hand corner of the conference room, directly to the left of the green question mark. Inside these settings and preferences you can choose from the following: Enable Audio Notifications: Checking this box will allow you to be notified anytime a new message is entered into the general chatbox.
 Show Participants Typing Sign: Enabling the participant's typing sign will show a small animated A letter next to a participant's name when they are typing into the conference room.

Viewing a Recorded Session
 Contact the company in charge of the room to see if they utilize the recorded sessions feature and to obtain the link for the recorded sessions.

Getting Technical Support
For all technical support questions, please visit our Customer Service Center to browse our Knowledge Base and to submit a new support ticket.