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AutoPilot Recorder FAQ

Modified on Tue, 16 Feb 2016 at 12:55 PM

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding the AutoPilot Recorder tool:

What does an Autopilot record?

When using the AutoPilot Recorder, all events that happen inside of your room are recorded. That includes every action you and participants perform, see and hear. With that said, you do have some control over what is include in the AutoPilot Recordings you make if you login to your Admin Page and go to Modify Room Settings. Here, you can choose to include Attendee’s chat messages and other room content in your recordings. Please refer to the help icons on the settings page for your room for more information.

How can I playback or distribute my AutoPilot Recording?

There are a few ways you can release your recorded content to your customers. Please read more about the different playback modes for AutoPilots here.

Is an Autopilot Editable?

Currently there is no way to edit an AutoPilot Recording after it is created. However, this is something the development team is working on, and plans to develop it for release later this year.

Can I edit AutoPilots some other way?

As stated above, it is not possible to edit the Autopilot directly. However, you can always obtain the editable MP4 file by scheduling an MP4 recording. You can find more details about mp4 conversion here.

Once you download the MP4 file, you can edit and distribute this file among your clients. To edit the file, you need to use a video editing software; there are a few free programs out there that can be found by searching the internet.

What are some tips/best practices I can follow when recording an AutoPilot?

  1. Before stating an AutoPilot recording, make sure you have completed any preparation tasks such as sound checks, presenter orientations, content uploads, etc…
  2. During the session you cannot pause the AutoPilot recording. Therefore, we suggest using the eCurtain is something unexpected happens that you wish to be hidden from the recording. Remember, as long as the eCurtain is down, both your Attendees in the Live Event and any watching the recording after the fact will only see the eCurtain until it is raised again.
  3. Any settings you change via the Room Settings page in your Admin Area will not take effect until you end the room (if it is opened) and restart it. You cannot make last second changes from the Admin Page, such as not recording Attendee Chat, for example.
  4. We suggest that when your main event content has finished, you end the recording by clicking the Stop button at the bottom of the window. This will not close the room, and will still allow you to carry on conversations with Attendees after your class. All this does is ensure that you do not have unwanted content in your recording.
  5. Certain specific actions like linking to documents in chat from the Documents Folder will not be recorded into the AutoPilot. Also, if you share the documents using the Documents Folder, you have to keep these documents in your room for future access, especially for viewers who are accessing the recordings using on-demand links. If you delete a document from your room, it will not be available to people viewing the recording.
  6. Any chat messages you delete from the Chat Window during your live event will still show up initially in your AutoPilot Recording, but will be deleted just as they were during the Live Event. So, if a chat message comes in to the beginning of the event, and is deleted at the end, the same timing will happen in your recording.

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