If you cannot hear the webinar when using the Webinato Mobile App, please check the following settings:

Check Your Device Volume: The Webinato App uses the Media volume setting on your device, so please make sure this is set properly. For Android devices, the Webinato App needs the Media volume to be set to proper levels.

Is the Presenter Speaking?: Sometimes, especially on longer webinars, the Presenter may take breaks and during this time there may be no sound coming through the system. Ask an Organizer if the Presenter is speaking and they will be able to help you.


Try Leaving and rejoining the Webinar: In extreme cases, the Webinato App may have encountered an error, and if this is the case, shutting down the app and then reconnecting to the webinar could help. Make sure you ask an Organizer if it will be possible for you to rejoin once you leave.