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Participants List Tutorial

Modified on Thu, 03 Jun 2021 at 12:13 PM

This section contains the list of online participants with Organizer and Presenters (learn more) shown on top.

  • An Organizer or Presenter may show a picture or live video under their name.
  • Options in Admin Page > Room Settings:
    • Hide attendees list from other attendees
    • Show attendee first names only
    • Hide number of online participants
  • You can collapse the panel by clicking on  to expand viewing space.
  • Click on the for more information on participants (learn more).

  • Click on a participant's name for more options such as: 

Add CoAttendee: This will allow an Organizer or Presenter to input additional names underneath an existing Participant name. This is for situations where a group of people are attending a webinar under one login, such as in a conference room or similar setting.

Grant Controls: This is for granting an Attendee greater controls over the room. For more information on this, please click here.

Mute: Mutes the selected Participant

Disable Chat: Disable chat input for the selected Participant

Can Private Message: Grants the ability for the Participant to send private messages:
  • no one: Participant cannot private message anyone (Default for attendees)
  • room operators only: Participant can only private message Organizers and Presenters, not other Attendees
  • all but room operators: Participant can private message other Attendees only
  • all: Participant can private message anyone else in the room
Kick From Room: This will remove the selected Participant from the room immediately, and be unable to rejoin the current webinar session. However, the user will still be able to log in to the next session (new sessions), if they have the appropriate access information. Otherwise, the organizer needs to restart the room for everyone.

Ban From Room: This will remove the selected Participant from the room immediately and also ban them from reentry to the current webinar and any future webinars. This user will be placed in the Banned Users list, and can be un-banned by visiting your Admin Page, under the Manage Users section.

Private Message: This will open up a private message window, allowing you to send a private message that no one else will see to the selected Participant. please note that we do not keep logs of private messages in our system.

Statistics: Will show you the connection statistics of the selected Participant, including location, connection type, web browser, etc...

Close Menu: Will close the options menu

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