This section contains the list of online participants with Organizer and Presenters (learn more) shown on top.

  • An Organizer or Presenter may show a picture or live video under their name.
  • Options in Admin Page > Room Settings:
    • Hide attendees list from other attendees
    • Show attendee first names only
    • Hide number of online participants
  • You can collapse the panel by clicking on  to expand viewing space.
  • Click on the  for more information on participants (learn more).

  • Click on a participant's name for more options such as: 

Add CoAttendee: This will allow an Organizer or Presenter to input additional names underneath an existing Participant name. This is for situations where a group of people are attending a webinar under one login, such as in a conference room or similar setting.
Grant Controls: This is for granting an Attendee greater controls over the room. For more information on this, please click here.
Mute: Mutes the selected Participant
Disable Chat: Disable chat input for the selected Participant
Can Private Message: Grants the ability for the Participant to send private messages:
  • no one: Participant cannot private message anyone (Default for attendees)
  • room operators only: Participant can only private message Organizers and Presenters, not other Attendees
  • all but room operators: Participant can private message other Attendees only
  • all: Participant can private message anyone else in the room
Kick From Room: This will remove the selected Participant from the room immediately. However, the user will still be able to login again if they have the room access information.
Ban From Room: This will remove the selected Participant from the room immediately and also ban them from reentry. This user will be placed in teh Banned Users list, and can be un-banned by visiting your admin Page, under the Manage Users section
Private Message: This will open up a private message window, allowing you to send a private message that no one else will see to the selected Participant. please note that we do not keep logs of private messages in our system.
Statistics: Will show you the connection statistics of the selected Participant, including location, connection type, web browser, etc...
Close Menu: Will close the options menu