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Sending List Information from Marketo to Webinato via API

Modified on Wed, 25 Oct 2017 at 09:54 AM

In order to pass information from Marketo to the Webinato Event Registration system, you must setup a Webhook inside of Marketo that points to a specific event, and then link that to a Smart Campaign. The instructions on doing this are below:

  • Create a Webhook linking to a Webinato event inside of Marketo
  • Create a Smart Campaign to call the created Webhook
  • Link a Data List to the Smart Campaign, according to Marketo's instructions
  • Start the Smart Campaign
Once this is set up, any new data from the lists in Marketo will send that info to the Webinato Event Registration System for a specific event. Details on the steps listed here can be found below:

 Create a Webhook in Marketo
  • Click on the following link to read Marketo's instructions on how to create a Webhook:
  • Where instructed, please input the following information into the appropriate fields, following the text exactly, except where noted [in Bold and in Brackets]:


    • URL:[YourEventID]

      You can find the p_eventID by opening your event in the Event Manager and looking at the Event Login Link in the Summary Tab. The p_eventID is the long number at the end of the Event Login Link:

    • Payload Template: fn={{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}&ln={{lead.Last Name:default=edit Me}}&email={{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}&companyID=[YourCompanyID]&md5pass=[YourMD5Password]

      For more information on getting your account's API credentials, click HERE. (Link to New Article about Getting Your Account's API Credentials)

  • Since the Webhook contains event specific information, you must create a new Webhook for every event you wish to send Marketo information to.

 Linking a Webhook to a Smart Campaign

 Additional Information
  • You must Clone the Webhook for each new event you wish to send data to from Marketo. To do this, choose Clone Webhook from the Marketo menu

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