If projector control panel displays 'Projector Interrupted. Reconnecting...' message when you try to share something on your screen via the Webinato Projector application while using Internet Explorer 11, follow the instructions below.


  1. Add *.webinato.com to trusted sites.
    • Open Internet Options panel
    • Click Security tab
    • Click Trusted Sites
    • Click Sites
    • Add https://*.webinato.com and http://*.webinato.com
    • To add http links, first deselect 'Require server verification (https): for all sites in this zone' checkbox.
    • Click Close
    • Deselect 'Enable Protected Mode' checkbox.
    • Click OK to save the setting.
  2. If this does not resolve the issue, follow the rest of the suggestions one by one.
    • Click Tools and then Compatibility View Settings
    • Click Add
    • Click OK
  3. Configure Privacy Settings
    • Open Internet Options panel
    • Click Privacy Tab
    • Click Settings button next to popup blocker settings
    • Type in an add *.webinato.com and click Close
    • Click Sites in main window and type in webinato.com
    • Click Allow
    • Click OK
  4. Turn off enhanced protected mode
    • Open Internet Options panel
    • Click Advanced
    • Scroll and locate 'Enable Enhanced Protected Mode*' option
    • Deselect it and click OK
  5. Reset the browser
    • Open Internet Options panel
    • Click Advanced
    • Click Reset (you may lost some settings as well as favorites)
    • Test and if it does not work, configure the aforementioned options and try again.


Please note: This article addresses issues caused by Internet Explorer 11. There are other reasons that cause projector interruptions. For more, see this article.