If you are getting a Choose Application dialog every time you start the Screen Sharing software, you do not need to re-install the projector. Firefox simply does not know what application to use by default. To avoid this message in the future, please follow the steps below to permanently set the Web Conference Projector as the default application when the Start Desktop Sharing button is clicked.

1. Click on the Menu Icon in the upper right corner of Firefox and choose Options

2. Once the Options window opens, select the Applications tab at the top of the Options pane. Scroll through the list of applications associated with Firefox. Find the name proj3 in the left hand column (Content Type column)

3. Click the drop down menu in the action column on the right next to the proj3 entry.

4. From the drop down list, select Use Other. Now you should see the Select Helper Application window. Click the browse button.

5. Browse to the C:\Program Files\omNovia\Projector folder (on 64 bit versions of Windows, the path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\omNovia\Projector\) and select the WebinatoScreenShare.exe application.

6. Click the Open button to select the application. This will select the WebinatoScreenShare, and save it as the new default application for the Screen Sharing Feature. The URL call will use this application from now on. You should now see the original window in the Firefox Options window with the newly selected WebinatoScreenShare.exe as the default in the list.

7. Click OK to close the panel.