When using Internet Explorer, your security settings need to be set to allow Signed ActiveX Controls to run. This is the usual setting but some programs can alter these settings without your knowledge. 

  • Go to tools and choose Internet Options 

  • Then click the tab labeled Security

  • Click the icon named Internet. Click the button in the bottom right that says Default Level. A slider bar should appear and be set to Medium
  • Click Apply in the far bottom right and then Click OK
  • Reload the setup page or the login page and attempt the setup procedure again.


Recommended Configuration

  • Open the Internet Options panel.
  • Click the Security tab and click Trusted sites under zones.
  • Click Sites button.
  • Type the following URL and click Add button.
  • https://*.webinato.com.
  • Under Security settings for this zone, make sure the level is Medium.
  • Click Close and click OK.
Special Note: All the secure (https) sub domains of the web conferencing company's website will be trusted after finishing this configuration and it is permanent.